Lavender and Cannabis

Lavender (Lavander officianlis) has peer reviewed research describing a decrease in blood brain barrier permeability in rats, 100-200mg per kg per day IP (1). It provides neuroprotection, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety benefit. It may be helpful in mild pain and depression. Oral  doses  using  alcohol tinctures or oil infusions were preferred over topical application or inhalation of essential oil. The oral mechanism is believed to be the GABA receptors. (2) Lavender has been shown to reduce pain and and increase healing when applied topically to apthous ulcers. There may be a synergy with cannabis. CBD also provides beneficial actions through GABA receptors. (3)  

Doses ranged from 80-600 mg per kg per day. I do not have personal experience with oral lavender. I assume the weight measurement is dry lavender using organic lavender with  an olive or hemp seed oil infusion  or  GRAS essential oil. There are widely accepted techniques for tinctures and infusions, although the mathematics to estimate doses will require additional effort. The best approach will be to start low and go slow as with cannabis.

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James Brent DDS

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