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   Welcome to my new website. Since retiring from providing dental treatment, I am spending more time with my grandsons and continuing my study of healthy living. This site offers you self help information so you can optimize your health and age well. Please use it and read my blog to educate yourself about health and wellness. If you need guidance I may be contacted at jamesbrentddswellness@gmail.com.
 I highly recommend reading the book, “HOW TO MAKE DISEASE DISAPPEAR“. It is written by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, a medical doctor from England. He describes a four pillar approach to health. The four pillars include relaxation, diet, exercise or movement and sleep. When we fail to support our body with these pillars, our health will worsen and we will not age well. He also has a great website, drchatterjee.com. It is well worth the visit.