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Medicine Men

Medicine men were the original health care practitioners. Now we have many types of health care practitioners with different degrees and licenses as well as different approaches to the care offered. I believe there should be a return to the concept of medicine men. Medicine can be defined as an experience that supports health, well being and healing. This could be laughter, companionship, changes in sleep, diet and exercise habits, chemical supplements and surgical repair of tissue that cannot be healed. The medicine used needs to be prescribed in order to treat the person and not the disease. Get to know yourself so your medicine man can get to know you.


As most children born in the1950’s, my childhood was filled with penicillin and other antibiotics to address anything from the common cold to a tonsillectomy.  Throughout  adolescence I was given daily doses of yet another antibiotic.  The medical profession had no idea what havoc constant use of antibiotics play on the immune system.  I usually caught a cold and cough about four times a year.

Over 20 years ago a chiropractor told me about the benefits of mega doses of vitamin C, but I never really followed through on that until my husband’s studies supported the theory and he now guides me through its use.  That has made a huge difference in my health!

In addition to the damage in my immune system, as I have aged I caused damage to my intestinal system by following a physicians advice to take 4 Advil (which was said to be equivalent to prescription pain killers) to work my way through migraines, a knee injury, and back pain.  This use has caused an over-growth of “bad” bacteria in my small intestine.  The medical professions’ answer to that was to take one month of extremely strong antibiotics, then follow up with three months of a milder dose.  This makes no sense, even to me, so I am currently following my husband’s course of treatment with natural herbs and life style changes.

My recent issue is an eye infection that has been a re-occuring problem for me for about two years.  Usually it takes me two weeks to cure with the ophthalmologist’s eye drops.  This time, my husband made a natural remedy that took care of the problem in less than one week!  I am sure you must realize how difficult it is for me to have to constantly admit that he is right!

I will end by saying that I will be 70 years old on my next birthday and I have to attribute my husband’s constant study and constant care to the fact that I wear the same size clothes and have the same level of energy that I had in college.  I do not take any kind of medications except the supplements my husband recommends.  We try to eat healthy, and exercise — out favorite exercise being running after our two toddler grandsons!  Life is good!

~ Teresa Brent

About Me

When I was practicing dentistry, I talked to many patients who were frustrated with a medical doctor’s lack of listening, poor results or just saying “your lab tests are in normal limits” so there is nothing to do for now.

At one point, when I was practicing dentistry, I did not understand the connection between lifestyle, physical health and dental health. I was disturbed that, even with my best efforts in repairing teeth damaged by tooth decay, some people would have recurrent treatment failures from new decay or broken tooth structure.

Then I discovered physical and dental health have a bidirectional relationship. Your physical health can contribute to your dental problems and your dental problems can contribute to physical health decline and chronic diseases.

Which is why today I try to educate those who will listen to me about self health care. Unfortunately and unknowingly our educational system has made us slaves to our economic and social system by not providing adequate education in personal finance, personal health and growing your own food. My goal is to help you take charge of your personal health..

James Brent DDS