Movement and Exercise

It has become common knowledge that sitting is about as unhealthy as smoking. Therefore any movements that  do not involve sitting (unless you are unable to stand) or cause pain will be beneficial. Walking is not only the easiest form of exercise, but also when combined with a nature experience, it is relaxing. Movements that provide some exertion such resistance from weights or short bursts of intense movement such as sprints provide an additional benefit called hormesis. These intense activities help build strength and endurance. All movement helps lubricate joints with fresh fluid  and move the lymph fluid  that surrounds each cell to bring in nutrients  and remove wastes keeping them healthy and functioning normally. 

Whatever type of movement you choose, make it a fun activity. That is why dancing can be helpful. The goals of exercise are not only to strengthen and increase endurance but also improve flexibility. All activities that provide a balance of these in all muscles will help maintain a healthy posture and reduce the risk of injuries.

There are many workout videos available for strength and endurance as well as videos on Tai Chi and Yoga for flexibility and relaxation to increase parasympathetic tone. Pilates provides both benefits. So have some fun and do what feels good. Movement is also a great to reduce the negative of stress and improve sleep, cardiovascular and brain health.

Try this cardiovascular work out on YouTube:

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