This is a quote which I believe to be important : “ Consider cannabis as drug with some psychoactive properties rather  than as an intoxicant with some therapeutic properties”.  I prefer to consider Cannabis as a medicinal adaptogen or balancing herb. Adaptogens help our bodies adapt to environmental influences that effect health. The phytochemicals in plants serve purposes for the plant which we also can use for our purposes.  Plants produce these chemicals to improve their chances for survival and reproduction.  A plant’s  quantity and quality of these phytochemicals (secondary metabolites)  effected by the nourishment it receives from light, water, growing medium and perhaps the intention of the growers.


  1. Mary Derlacki on May 29, 2021 at 7:32 pm

    Hello Dr. Brent,
    I appreciate your wisdom and how you bring the energetic properties of cannabis to the forefront. This plant has amazing properties.
    I have experienced them myself.
    I am a nurse practitioner, a yoga teacher and I’m certified in medical cannabis with Dr. Dustin Sulak. I am also a person who survived a near-drowning then lived with chronic pain for 35 years. After I found cannabis, combined with breath and gentle movements, I realized it can release fascia better than anything I’ve ever expected!
    I have created a business to teach people how to identify their fascia and how to release patterns of pain…physical and emotional. It’s a life changing and soul-healing journey.
    Keep up the good work! It’s always good to connect with other health professionals.

    Mary Derlacki,NP

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