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Survey: Please complete the survey so that I will know what is important to you

Please mark all that apply.

___ 1. Does your health prevent you from participating in activities that you enjoy?

___ 2. Are you taking prescription medications with side effects or experiencing effects that you want to eliminate or reduce?

On which subjects would you want to receive self help information?

___ Chronic pain

___ Sleep

___ Fatigue 

___ Arthritis

___  Digestion or irritable bowel

___ Diabetes or elevated blood sugar

___ Weight loss

___  High blood pressure or cardiovascular disease

___ Depression or anxiety

___  Toxicity 

___ Neurological symptoms

___ Using medical cannabis

How often would you want to receive information regarding self help?

Would you be willing to participate in an online group health visits?

Does your employer offer a wellness program that lowers your insurance costs or increase your benefits?

Do you participate? 

If not, then why not?

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